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    Bespoke Notification Management Systems

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Claims & Underwriting Platforms

Caytons Cyber

Having realised some time ago that there was a gap in the market for certain IT solutions in the insurance industry, we decided to form Caytons Cyber.

No one had developed a single IT platform that supported the two main insurance functions, so we decided to develop a sophisticated platform which could be used by Insurers, MGAs and other underwriting and claims organisations to provide a single solution to their underwriting, claims and compliance needs.

Flexible Approach

We do not believe that one size fits all. We listen to our clients first and solve problems together.

Unique Expertise

We have decades of experience in a range of multi-industry disciplines. We always give balanced and technically informed advice.

Cost Effective

It is our relationships that drives our success. To maintain these relationships, we will always charge a competitive price for the work we perform.


“I only have good words to say about Caytons Cyber, the team are always helpful and responsive. The latest editions of the MI on the site has made it much easier for me to communicate to the business and we continue to integrate the claims platform into our wider operations”

Andrea Paredes – VP UK Claims Operations Lead, Lockton Companies LLP


Console has been Cybers flagship product for a number of years.

It was born out of the sheer volume of paper it took to manage and monitor claims and policies in the insurance business.

At it's basic level it allows users to quickly create policies and add claims underlined by a BI reporting system. Over the years it's expanded to deal with the multitude of work streams and approaches across a vast range of insurance disciplines.

Underwriting Platform

As the claims system (Console) started to mature it was brought to our attention that there was a further gap in the market.

That's how the underwriting system was born. We allow insurers & MGA's to create quotes which, when taken up, turn into policies that are tracked through the system. It's merging our knowledge of claims and policies with the world of underwriting.

Where the client is an MGA, Insurers will have restricted access so they can only see quotes and policies relating to their companies.

Document & Asset Management

As part of our drive to reduce the amount of paper used in legal and claims environments we have built a document and case management system.

The premise is simple; Let's take all of the documents from a physical file and put it into a digital one. We can then leverage different technologies to reduce the time spent searching for documents and building case files.

The system is designed with obfuscation in mind. That means your comments and insights will remain within your companies sphere of influence and won't be shared with others who need to see and comment on those same documents.

Work Process

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Delivery & Continuous Support

Latest Work

Our Service

Latest Technologies

We are always on the look out to try out new technologies and plan different ways to integrate them with our clients

Graphing and Reporting

Our reporting suites can spit reports for you from your existing claims, macros and spreadsheet manipulation is a thing of the past!

Clean code & design

We have strict coding standards and peer reviews to ensure no mistakes are made and systems remain 100% reliable

Unlimited layouts

Don't like the way the system looks? Let us do something about that! We work around you

Flexible & Customizable

Your wish is our command! We're always happy to listen to your ideas and work on them alongside you

Tailored to your needs

We aim to touch base with you regularly to ensure everything is running fine - any suggestions you have are always taken on board!

Asset Management

We have vast amounts of storgae available in our data center, you won't scare us with the amount of data you have!

Friendly Support

Our development team are always ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have...or even if you just fancy a chat!


85 Gracechurch Street,

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Mon - Fri : 9am to 5:30pm


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ICO No. ZA216195
VAT Number: GB 261 4278 17